Welcome to Rick’s Market

Rick’s Market is a full service grocery store located in the 64th St. Shopping Center, just north of the route 90 bridge in Ocean City.

Family owned since 1960, we offer full service deli and meat departments, as well as beer, wine, produce and grocery departments.

Our deli features turkey breast and roast beef roasted in the store, as well as a full line of deli meats and cheeses, featuring Boar’s Head products, and fresh salads made in the store. Deli sandwiches and subs are custom made. Wraps, salads and hot wings are made in store for grab and go meals or snacks. Fried chicken available daily.

Grade “A Choice” beef, grown and processed in the U.S., is custom cut and available in the meat department. All ground beef is prepared and ground in the store with no added fillers. Our pork and chicken is also grown and processed exclusively in the U.S.

We feature local produce, when available, in the produce department. During the summer season, especially look for cantaloupes, watermelon, peaches, blueberries, corn, peppers and tomatoes to be grown and delivered by local farmers.


Thanks for a great summer! Rick's Market is closed for the season. We look forward to seeing you in May 2024!

Call ahead for sandwich and fried chicken orders:
Rick's Market Deli 410-524-1507

Rick's Market 64th Street

RICKS MARKET | 6403 COASTAL HWY. | OCEAN CITY, MD | 410.524.7528